Cobra Water Moccasin display stand

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The Moccasin always looked so cool bouncing over the waves blasting away its laser cannons... kinda boring seeing it sit there lifeless  fishin for bass...

Give it some life in your display!

Our acrylic display stand is made from 1/4" thick acrylic, and sets the Moccasin as if it were hittin the waves shootin at Joes again.
The base measures 10" x 5" with the name and Cobra emblem engraved.

Directions for assembly

This is one of the more tedious stands we make ,the rear support sits quite low making it a tight space to get your fingers in there ..the rear support fits tight into the drone skids to hold it in place.
easiest way to assemble it, is to put the rear support into the skids, place the boat on the stand, and while holding the boat, insert the front support in place.

Occasionally some parts may fit into the base slightly loose. This is due to the acrylic not always being exactly the same thickness, it can be .5 mm different. You may use super glue on the parts tab that inserts into the base. If you do so, please use only  a very small amount,this will tighten the part, your not actually trying to glue it.

**Toy is not included.