Kylo Rens Tie Silencer

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This is a laser cut & engraved acrylic display stand for the Kylo Rens Tie Silencer from Star Wars the Last Jedi. 
The base is made from 1/4" thick clear acrylic ,and measures 7" x 8" with the First Order  emblem engraved. 
The rear support is made from 1/4" thick clear acrylic measures 3.5" tall ,front supports are 1/8" acrylic. 
Assembly required,no hardware or tools needed.
Occasionally some parts may fit into the base slightly loose. This is due to the acrylic not always being exactly the same thickness, it can be .5 mm different. You may use super glue or clear silicone on the parts tab that inserts into the base. If you do so, please use only  a very small amount,this will tighten the part, your not actually trying to glue it.