round generic figure stands 6-7" size

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Laser cut acrylic display stands with foot peg.. These are cut from 1/4" thick clear acrylic and measure 3" in diameter. The foot peg is 1/8" (3mm) in diameter.
If your figure does not have a peg hole, or has one too small, you can drill a hole in the foot to fit.

Please be aware, the foot peg holes in each figure can be slightly different in size. The peg we provide is 3mm in diameter. For example, it fits the regular 6" Stormtrooper just fine,but the Sandtrooper its very tight,which I had to widen the peg hole slightly in his foot to fit. Darth Vaders hole was too wide. I used a hot knife to melt the top of the peg slightly,which gave the peg a wider 'lip' around the top of the peg,this made it fit in his foot perfect.
**Figures are not included.