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Cobra Diver

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Tired of seeing your scuba divers walking around? Display them the way they should be! You can now give your scuba divers a dramatic pose display stand to swim on.

The Cobra stand is made from 1/4" thick clear acrylic with their emblem engraved and measures 2.5" in diameter. The support is made from 1/8" thick clear acrylic designed to grip the diver on the leg.Includes 3 different sizes of supports.

Instructions for use.

To use the support, place the open end around the thinnest part of the limb (in my case, the ankle) Then slide the figure to a point that it fits tight enough to hold the figure in place. Then position the figures body and limbs to your desired pose.

Heres the fine print in regards to this stand...due to factors of balance and mostly your figures joint stiffness, I cannot guarantee this will work for every figure. The ones Ive used to design from had fairly stiff joints,allow for the dramatic pose. Your figure may differ,depending on how tight their joints are.

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    Craig Olmsted

    Posted by Craig Olmsted on Apr 2nd 2018

    Looks great. Craig Olmsted