Cobra Night Raven

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The Cobra Raven is just one of those toys that too cool to leave displayed sitting on the doesnt belong belongs in the air!

Display it how it should be!

We offer three different display designs for the vintage Raven.

Starting with the landing display.

Base measures 12" x 5"

Next is the in flight display. You can pose this with the missile bay open.

Base measures 16"x5". For you display consideration,the nose measures 11.5" up (highest point)

Finally we have the vertical display, and what an impressive one it makes.

The base measures 12" x 6.5" 

For display consideration,this one puts the nose at 26" tall.

Each base comes with the Cobra emblem and "Raven" laser engraved.


Toy is not included.

Occasionally some parts may fit into the base slightly loose. This is due to the acrylic not always being exactly the same thickness, it can be .5 mm different. You may use super glue on the parts tab that inserts into the base. If you do so, please use only  a very small amount,this will tighten the part, your not actually trying to glue it.