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Diamond Select Enterprise NCC-1701-D

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Laser Cut acrylic toy collector display stand. This is designed for the Diamond Select Enterprise D as a replacement for the supplied plastic stand. The base measures 10.5" x 7.75" ,and the risers are 4" tall. The base has the Starfleet emblem engraved along with the ships name and info and choice of version.

Assembly is required. 90% of the time ,no glue is needed, but occasionally the supports may fit in the base a little loose. If they do,then just apply a small amount of super glue to the tab that inserts into this base. That will tighten it up.

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  • 5
    Amazing stand for my prized model

    Posted by STEFAN LAMOUREUX on Nov 16th 2020

    The quality is top notch, the engraving is perfect. Can't recommend enough. Will buy again !

  • 5

    Posted by dwayne styres on Feb 21st 2020

    Good quality and looks great once assembled.

  • 5

    Posted by Dean on Jan 4th 2020

    Either I finally learned how to engage my Dreadnought's ventral thrusters or I bought a stand from Displaystandsdirect! This invisible stand works like a special effect and my model really appears to be hovering! The engraving is beautiful and the stand is fantastic quality, I couldn't be happier.

  • 5

    Posted by Robert Hutton on Oct 28th 2019

    I'm so glad I came across Display Stands Direct. I was collecting the Diamond Select Starships a few years ago and had to pack some away because I found the display stands that were made for them very sub par. They broke easily and sometimes couldn't support the weight of the very item they were meant to display. DSD ups the ante and makes these models stand out and really look like something more than they are. They'll make anybody's Ready Room a class act!

  • 5
    Classy and stable...far better than DST's cheap stands!!

    Posted by Jeffrey Gouse on Jul 4th 2018

    Like many others have already commented, the plastic stands that come with Diamond Select's STAR TREK ships are horrible. Flimsy, easily breakable...they are an absolute crap-shoot to use. While searching the internet for alternate ways to display my Enterprise D and E, I came across these stands. Let me just say that I've only had these stands for three days, so I can't comment on their long-term durability, but these feel exceptionally well-made. They lend a level of classiness that serves to elevate these beyond looking like just plastic toys (yes, they're incredibly detailed and adult collector-oriented, but they're still toys). The engravings are very well-done although a tad cramped. The display pieces that attach to the base fit very snug and secure. The downside there is that they can require a bit of extra force to piece together, and I was afraid of breaking them. Alas, nope. Everything fit together beautifully. What really amazes me the most is the way that these stands utilize a bare minimum of support (e.g. the small hooks barely slide over the back of the Enterprise D) but they are perfectly balanced and are not going anywhere (unless bumped). Kudos to the design team for 100% nailing the ship's center of gravity! When the Enterprise A re-releases later this summer, I'll be ordering the corresponding stand from here on the same day!

  • 4
    Nice work

    Posted by Scott on Apr 16th 2018

    The display stand I ordered from is a quality piece of work and displays my model very nicely.

  • 5
    Display stand

    Posted by Kyle Doede on Feb 24th 2018

    This is the 7th display stand I have purchased and they are all amazing, the quality is great and i love the etching.

  • 5
    Great Product!

    Posted by Victor Wee on Apr 21st 2017

    I broke the standard stand for my Diamond Select Enterprise D a long while ago, and it was languishing in dust. However, thanks to a post in "Eaglemoss Star Trek Fan Group" on Facebook, I discovered TS Hobbies, and purchase their stand for this starship. And it totally enhances it into a conversation piece. Good job!

  • 5
    Greatly Enhances the DST Enterprise-D!

    Posted by David Zeiss on Apr 28th 2016

    I adore DST's Enterprise-D, but I didn't display it, because the stands it came with are so horrible. Not only do they look bad, but I was genuinely afraid they would drop the ship off the shelf. TS Hobbies' stand is a thing of beauty. It cradles the ship on the Stardrive section, gently grabbing it from the back via two clever notches, to keep it from falling forward. It looks amazing and even seems to defy gravity as there is nothing needed to support the heavy saucer section. You can quickly and easily remove and replace the ship from the stand, operate the electronics, and even separate the saucer. The stand itself is high quality and looks fantastic. It comes with protective clings and all the pieces were absolutely immaculate when they arrived. I already own their stands for the Classic Phaser and the Star Trek III Phaser and I will be buying the one for the Klingon Disruptor as well as the Excelsior. Fantastic products!